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  • $47.95

    This bed will quickly become your dog's favorite. Plenty of soft cushioning sewn inside polar fleece with an attached blanket for burrowing under. Shaped like a doughnut with plenty of padding at the bottom of the "hole". Dog can burrow under blanket and snuggle down or can lie on top. Size Small is approximately 20" across the top and 11" in...

  • $38.95

    For dogs who love to burrow!  The DreamSack is a sleeping bag with the opening on the long side so dogs can burrow inside. The interior is lined with soft, imitation sheepskin. The exterior is covered with quilt-quality, durable cotton fabric. Available in a variety of colors and patterns. NOTE:  Just as with any item that a dog might burrow...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items